The Gelzone Wrap offers superior cushioned comfort for healing, support and scar fading, and is an outstanding choice over any of today’s elastic bandages.

Use Gelzone
If you ski, bowl, jog or work out; if you hike or play volleyball, basketball or softball — don’t let joint pain keep you down. Use a Gelzone Wrap for joint and muscle compression!

If you’ve had a C-section, use a Gelzone Wrap for ideal compression, healing and scar fading!

If you have a raised, red scar on a limb or your torso resulting from trauma or surgery, use a Gelzone Wrap to fade it!

Made Of
Fabric-covered silicone gel, the Gelzone Wrap is a superior choice over any of today’s elastic bandages. Its soft, viscous silicone ensures the wrap stays exactly where it’s put, while providing ideal compression, exceptional comfort and scar fading.

Wraps are available in various sizes to accommodate different body areas:

We also offer the Gelzone Suspension Sleeve to provide stable, secure arm elevation during arthroscopic surgery.

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